Our Vision

Our vision is to integrate technology into the lives of Pakistani citizens, businesses and industries in order to enhance their businesses and standard of living by saving time, money and energy along with creating custom solutions for modern problems.


Residential Automation

With improved usability and new capabilities the motivations for installing smart home technologies have become broader as well. The vision of green buildings, capable of significantly reducing energy and water consumption, is finally becoming real. Other use cases are safety management, home automation for the elderly and disabled (assistive domotics) and remote building control. Beyond providing stand alone solutions for individual buildings, smart home technologies have become a central component of larger Internet of Things concepts such as smart cities, smart industry or smart grids.

Industrial Automation

Industrial process control was originally performed manually by operators. Their sensors were their sense of sight, feel, and sound, making the process totally operatordependent. To maintain a process within broadly set limits, the operator would adjust a simple control device. Instrumentation and control slowly evolved over the years, as industry found a need for better, more accurate, and more consistent measurements for tighter process control. Now this process is smarter, more efficient, less time consuming with very little need for human interference. Industrial Automation is now a necessity.

Commercial Automation

Intelligent buildings began from the automatic intelligent control of typical building services processes and communication devices. Along with the rapid evolution of electronic technology, computer technology and information technology, intelligent building systems are becoming more and more advanced, and the level of integration is being developed progressively from the subsystem level to total building integration and convergence of information systems. Modern IB systems have been becoming very large in terms of system scale and complex in terms of hardware and software system configurations and require exceptional automation integration.

With over 9 years of experience in this field, a very competent and robust technical team and partnerships with well renowned architects, builders and leading tech companies of the world, we take pride in the reliability of our services.

Our tailor-made solutions based on your needs and preferences is what sets us apart in the industry and makes us the best at what we do.



Our company deals in state of the art automation systems and technologies such as Loxone, Crestron and Lutron for home solutions. Our partners such as Taxan Gulf and Eveantech provide us with high end technologies for industrial and commercial clients.

Our Team


Aneeq Ahmed



Waqas Bajwa

Technical Manager


Shireen Rehman

Business Develpment Manager


Maria Furqan

Asst. Marketing & Sales Manager


Aamna Ghani

Digital PR Specialist


Behram Niazi

Marketing Executive


Uzair Alam

Marketing & Sales Manager


David Alexander



Essam Ur Rehman

Application Engineer

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