APCTM by Schneider Electric offers a wide array of standardized Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) designed to increase manageability and efficiency in your data centre.

Basic Rack PDUs

  • Reliable power distribution

Metered Rack PDUs

  • Real-time remote monitoring of connected loads
  • User-defined alarms warn IT and data center managers of potential circuit overloads to prevent accidental power loss to critical equipment

Switched Rack PDUs

  • Metered functionality
  • Individual outlet control to power cycle outlets
  • Manage on/off equipment sequencing

Metered-by-outlet Rack PDUs

  • Provide greater power management
  • Individual outlet-level power metering
  • User-resettable energy (kWh) logs for capacity planning and energy-efficiency initiatives

AP8000 Series Rack PDUs


The AP8000 Series Rack PDU platform will help IT and facilities managers more effectively manage power capacity and functionality for critical network, server, and data center equipment. These Rack PDUs solve rack-level power needs while incorporating intelligent features, such as real power measurement and environmental monitoring, all in a space-efficient, zero-U form factor. AP8000 Series Rack PDUs include active power metering and remote alarming with volts, amps, real power (kW), and energy (kWh) measurements.


PDU Energy Metering and Monitoring

  • PDU level watt-hour energy metering (kWh)
  • PDU level power measurements (W)
  • Input Phase level power measurements (V, A, VA, kWh, pf)
  • Circuit breaker level current measurements
  • High-accuracy, billing-grade metering capabilities
  • Embedded memory log to record/view/report historical data
  • User customizable alarm thresholds & notifications
Outlet Level Switching

  • Remote On/Off power control by individual outlet
  • User-defined power-on time delay to sequence IT equipment
  • Automatic sequencing to avoid inrush current overload
  • Outlet level user security with assignable roles and user access
Outlet Level Energy Metering

  • Outlet level watt-hour energy metering (kWh)
  • Outlet level power measurements (V,A,VA, W, pf)
  • Outlet level information for Green Grid Level 3 PUE Calculations
Design Features

  • Low profile, space saving design
  • Ultra low profile circuit breakers on most models
  • Adjustable tool-less mounting system
  • Color-coded outlets
  • Locking IEC outlets and locking power cord compatible
  • Field rewireable input cord for front or top mounting
Environmental & Security Management

  • Optional Plug & Play environmental sensors including temperature, humidity, dry contact water leak, and others
  • Rack access monitoring with door contact switch
  • User customizable alarm thresholds and notifications
Network Management and Local Display Interface

  • Full featured network management and alerting capabilities supporting HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, and email
  • Strong encryption, passwords, and advanced authorization options including local permissions, LDAP/S, and Active DIrectory
  • Daisy Chain up to 4 Rack PDU’s and 24 environmental sensors through a single IP address
  • Largest-in-class, high-visibility, OLED display


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