Watch over people
and themselves.

A building with PAAT equipment monitors whether someone is approaching without authorization and sounds the alarm in an emergency. It senses escaping water, warns of dangers like fire or smoke and thus ensures optimal security in smart homes , offices or commercial properties.

And the nice thing about it: You can easily access many existing components.



Burglary protection


It protects your building from uninvited guests like an invisible protective shield. It reliably detects intruders, reacts with conspicuously flashing light and loud sound, in order to immediately end the raid and to evict the burglar.


Protection of people


In addition to protection against burglary, the Smart Home protects you from other lurking dangers. In the event of fire, smoke formation or water leakage, the intelligent building alerts you immediately: flashing light, a call or a message on your cell phone. It even actively supports you and opens the shade, for example, to clear escape routes.


Protection of the building


Life always has surprises in store. And exactly when we least expect it. The building protects itself so that you are prepared for even the most unexpected events. For example, our smart sensors would know that there is a water leakage and it would open windows and doors, to protect your shading from getting damaged by wind and much more.


Protection of privacy


All personal usage data – protected by various firewalls and security mechanisms – is on the PAAT Miniserver and does not leave the building. In addition, the PAAT system can also function entirely without an Internet connection if desired. We do not want to have any insight or knowledge of our customers’ data and we protect this personal right 100%.


Immediately informed
when it matters …



Caller service

In the event of an alarm, have your smart home call you immediately and inform you about water ingress, smoke formation, etc.




PAAT app

You can view the status of your alarm system and activate it at any time using the PAAT app. In the worst case, you will be informed immediately and can localize the alarm message via the app. Even from a distance.


Beats any
attacker reliably
to flight

If someone gets into your building without permission, you will be informed in several steps.



With our smart control panell you can activate and deactivate the alarm system.


Level 1
silent alarm

Notifies you via push notification and informs you immediately of the active detectors. In addition, all controls respond with an acoustic click as soon as a danger is perceived.


Level 2
acoustic alarm

The intelligent building draws attention acoustically and plays an alarm tone on all music server zones. You will also be given an acoustic alarm if there is a danger using Touch & Grill or Touch Nightlight .

The Caller Service places a call and reliably informs you of the alarm status.


Level 3
optical alarm

With the visual alarm, the shading is opened completely and the lighting starts to flash. This draws the building’s attention and scares the intruder away.

Anyone who is the proud owner of a Touch Nightlight will also be warned of the danger by flashing lights.


Alarm off

With the alarm switching off, everything turns off completely and your belongings would get safe from the burglar.

Many practical
functions included.

For us, security means more than just burglary protection. Your smart home watches over the people who live and work in it, protects itself and also protects your privacy.


Panic button

If desired, a key can be defined that triggers an alarm by pressing a key. Flashing light, blinds up and music at full volume.


Leave building

When you leave the building, you can put the building into absence or alarm mode by triple-clicking the button.


Any number of
alarm zones

You can set up any number of alert zones. Around evening time, for instance, just “arm” the ground floor or the workplace and move uninhibitedly.


Fire & water
alarm center

Early detection of fire or water can not only save your belongings, but also lives! The building will inform you immediately to avoid major damage.



While you’re on the go, the smart home pretends to be there. It makes the shading dance and plays with your lighting. As if you weren’t gone.


Everything in

Is everything ok at home or at work? Did the doorbell ring? With the app you can also see live images from your surveillance camera or intercom from a distance.


Ease of

You can activate your alarm system with any button and also remotely via the app. A triple-click puts the building in alarm mode.


Child lock

In the event that the youngsters are distant from everyone else at home, the sauna or oven, for instance, can’t be initiated by any stretch of the imagination. Buttons can likewise be deactivated, and so forth.


False alarm

A second motion detector must respond within a certain period of time to suppress a false alarm & trigger the next alarm level.



Thanks to the logging function, you can easily check when the window was opened or who last entered the building – a glance at your smartphone is enough.



You will be informed by voice or message on your mobile phone if windows or access gates are still open after dark or after work.



Your smart alarm system only activates after a short delay. This prevents you from triggering the alarm yourself.

alarm function included

You do not need an additional expensive alarm system in a building with PAAT equipment. Existing components, such as presence detectors , door contacts , light and shading , are combined to form a full alarm system with alarm monitors and signal transmitters, which protects you 100% from dangers.


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