Their shading provides
more than just sun protection.

The intelligent automatic shading from PAAT ensures inimitable comfort, maximum energy efficiency and maximum privacy in your smart homes, offices and commercial properties. Activity is destined to be easy with your smart shading.


in the smart home

Let yourself be gently woken up in the morning by the first rays of sunshine of the new day. Use the solar energy to heat your home inexpensively and energy-efficiently. Close all shading elements in the entire house from the bed with just one click and much more. The shading control in your Smart Home is as convenient as it is diverse.


in the office

4. The requirements for shading control in offices are diverse. The shading should serve as sun protection, heat protection, glare protection, the protection of the privacy of your employees. At the same time, it must allow enough daylight into the rooms. With PAAT, you can implement a shading control that easily masters all of these requirements.


in the commercial property

Depending on the time or daylight choose your shading options. Blinds, roller shutters, awnings, curtains or pleated blinds – no matter what requirements you place on the shading control in your commercial project or which shading elements you want to integrate. Thanks to the almost unlimited possibilities of our system and numerous interfaces, you are guaranteed to find the perfect solution with us.

This is how smart shading enriches your life in the smart home

Whether smart home , office , hotel or restaurant – automated shading ensures maximum comfort everywhere. We will show you this using a normal daily routine in a PAAT Smart Home.


7:00 a.m.

In order to guide you gently out of the land of dreams, your shading lets the morning sun shimmer gently into the bedroom. When everyone is awake, the shading automatically moves upwards throughout the house. A wonderful start to the day.


9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Your home uses the natural warmth of the sun and brings your rooms to a comfortable temperature. This will bring you comfort and will increase your productivity.


11:00 o’clock

Depending on the sun’s radiation, room temperature and position of the sun, your shading moves fully automatically. If it gets too warm inside, the shading moves automatically into position.


17:00 o’clock

If a storm is coming up, your shading automatically moves to a safe position. No matter whether you are at home or on vacation. Thus, this automatic work will save your belongings


8:46 pm

End your evening undisturbed in the smart home. All blinds automatically move down at sunset. This automation makes the whole setup worth to be installed.

Many practical functions included.

Your shading takes care of a multitude of functions fully automatically.


Protection from
heat & cold

: In summer, your shading prevents the rooms from overheating, in winter it insulates your building and keeps the heat inside, all by itself.


Privacy screen at

Your shading elements close fully automatically at sunset. Inquisitive looks stay outside.


Storm protection
for blinds & co

In the event of a storm, sensitive shading elements move automatically into a safety position, without your presence./p>



Create any shading groups and control the contained elements together. You can decide how many groups you want to create and which elements they contain.


optimal use of solar energy

The building knows where the sun is and what the temperature is. It responds to it. It tells you how to heat your rooms with the natural warmth of the sun. This saves numerous steps and energy


around the clock

If you are on vacation, the shading of your smart home continues as if you were there. That keeps long fingers away. In an emergency, it automatically opens escape routes. No matter if burglary or fire.


Real team

From music to security functions to lighting. At PAAT, your shading works hand in hand with many other components. This opens up unimagined opportunities.


Gentle alarm

Let yourself be gently woken up by the first rays of sunshine by having your shade in the bedroom automatically raise in the morning. A pleasant alternative to the annoying alarm tone.


Child lock

By locking your buttons, you can easily make your shading childproof. Of course, you can still operate your shading manually using the app on your smartphone & Co.

Limitless flexibility.

No matter what type of


Shading with

Thanks to their movable slats, blinds and external venetian blinds are perfect for optimal use of solar energy.


Shading with
roller shutters

Roller shutters offer the best blackout, the safest burglary protection and are insensitive to wind and weather.


Shading with

Awnings on the balcony or terrace offer protection from the direct sun. Their high sensitivity to wind requires storm protection.


Shading with
other types

No matter if pleated blind, sun sail, slat curtain, terrace or conservatory. Simply integrate any type of shading.

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