Smart-UPS On-Line SRC 230V

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Entry level double-conversion UPS for IT, telecom and industrial professionals

A versatile UPS developed for unstable power conditions worldwide.

The Smart-UPS™ On-Line SRC product range provides double-conversion power protection for servers, voice/data networks and light industrial applications. The Smart-UPS On-Line SRC range is capable of supporting loads from 1kVA to 10kVA in rack and tower form factors. Smart-UPS On-Line 3kVA-10kVA units can be configured with matching battery packs when business-critical systems require runtime in hours, not minutes.
The included PowerChute™ management software provides unattended graceful shutdown of network operating systems. An optional network management card can be added to models for remote management. Smart-UPS On-Line SRC products provide value to customers with demanding power conditions, including a very wide input voltage window, tight output voltage regulation, frequency regulation, internal bypass, and input power factor correction.


  • Automatic internal bypass Supplies utility power to the connected loads in the event of a UPS overload condition or fault.
  • Scalable runtime Allows additional runtime to be quickly added as needed. (3 – 10 kVA models)
  • Maximizes battery performance, life, and reliability through intelligent, precision, temperature compensated charging.
  • Hot-swappable batteries Users can replace batteries reducing mean time to repair (3 – 10 kVA models).
  • Automatic restart of loads after UPS shutdown Automatically starts up the connected equipment upon the return of utility power.


  • Network manageable Provides remote management of the UPS over the network.
  • StruxureWare Manager compatible Enables centralized management via the APC StruxureWare™ Manager.
  • SmartSlot™ Customize UPS capabilities with management cards.
  • Serial connectivity Provides management of the UPS via a serial port.


  • Automatic self test Periodic battery self test ensures early detection of a battery that needs to be replaced.
  • Predictive failure notification Provides early warning fault analysis ensuring proactive component replacement.
  • Disconnected battery notification Warns when a battery is not available to provide backup power.
  • Audible alarms Provides notification of changing utility power and UPS conditions.


  • Power conditioning Protects connected loads from surges, spikes, lightning, and other power disturbances.
  • Input power factor correction Minimizes installation costs by enabling the use of smaller generators and cabling.
  • Generator compatible Ensures clean, uninterrupted power to protected equipment when generator power is used.
  • Cold-start capable Provides temporary battery power when the utility power is out.
  • Safety agency approved Ensures the product has been tested and approved to work safely with the connected service provider equipment and within the specified environment.


Smart-UPS On-Line 5kVA – 10kVA Technical Specifications

Physical – Rack / Tower Convertible

Power Rating 5000VA/3500W | 6000VA/4800W | 10000VA/8000W
Nominal Output Voltage 230 (default)/ 240Vac singe-phase UPS
Topology Double-Conversion Online
Output Frequency 50/60Hz 13Hz; 50/60Hz 10.1Hz user selectable
Online Efficiency at Full Load 90%
ECO-mode Yes
Output Connections Hardwire
Nominal Input Voltage 220/230 (default)/ 240Vac singe-phase UPS
Input Frequency Range 40 – 70 Hz
Form Factor 2U UPS + 2U battery pack | 3U UPS + 3U battery pack
Maximum Height 88.5 mm | 131 mm
Warranty 2 years
Net Weight (w/o battery pack 16.2 | kg 17 | kg 22 kg
Batteries & Runtime
Battery type Maintenance-free sealed lead-acid battery
Charging Current 750 W | 960 W


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