The computer network is a key component of any organization. It enables you to monitor, control, manage, and optimize your enterprise. It facilitates in converting your ambitions into reality.


An optimized and reliable I.T. network is the key to your success. We have over 25 years of expertise and experience striving to help you achieve this. We provide networking solutions based on our customer needs, not what particular vendors are offering; complete OEM-independent solutions.


By designing, implementing, and maintaining IT infrastructure through highly trained, experienced and certified technicians and engineers we leave our clients with a standard of excellence and satisfaction. We have withstood the test of time and have been in this business long enough to witness the success of our solution designs over decades, time and time again.

Our Network Solutions provide your small business or enterprise with a complete network design, installation with implementation with commissioning. This encompasses:

  • Switches
  • UPS
  • Routers
  • Copper/Fibre Infrastructure
  • Data Center Design/Implementation



Wireless technology provides an easy solution to an enterprise who has one or all of the following requirements or restraints:


  • Service Provider Independent Connectivity
  • Full ownership and control
  • Connectivity at Difficult/Remote Locations
  • 2nd Media redundant link (as a backup)


We are the pioneer of connectivity including wireless technology in Pakistan. We provide wireless technology under license from the PTA. Our wireless solutions pre-dates the establishment of the PTA under the authority of the Ministry of Communications.


  • Wifi (Individual AP or campus-wide)
  • Wireless ISM Band Radios
  • Licensed Frequency Radios
  • Wireless Surveillance Solutions



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